Iron Man’s most epic armor became thanks to Thor. created

We are so excited about Iron Man armor that we tell you about it regularly to find out, for example, which are the most powerful. Today it was important for us to share with you how one of Iron Man’s most epic armor was made, as its story with Thor is one of the most interesting.

Warning: This article contains loot for Invincible Iron Man comics # 509 and Fear Itself comics # 6. Stop reading if you don’t want to be pampered.

Iron Man and Thor, a rolling story

To understand how Iron Man’s most epic armor was born and worked, you need to read several comics. First, an evil mystical threat emerges around the world in Fear Itself # 6 by Matt Fraction, Stuart Immonen, Wade von Grawbadger, Laura Martin, and Chris Eliopoulos, and Iron Man decides to fight fire with fire by wearing his armor with Uru -Metal upgrades (the same material that Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, is made of). In this comic, Odin even gives the Avengers weapons he forged to fight his evil brother, the snake. Tony Stark chooses another option, however, and convinces Odin to plunge him into Uru’s cauldron, creating a powerful enchanted armor.

It must be said that the villain named “Serpent” (real name Cul Borson) is terrorizing the earth. Serpent (who feeds on the fear of her opponents and possesses properties far superior to most Asgardians) actually throws weapons across the planet to create her own warriors. In response to the awakening of the god of fear (Cul Borson’s second nickname), Odin first plans to destroy the earth. In addition, an ancient legend suggests that Thor must also have fallen under the blows of the serpent.

Cul Borson, also known as Le Serpent.

In Fear Itself # 6, Tony Stark ends up in Svartalfheim, where Odin offers to forge a new weapon to face the snake (otherwise he will destroy the earth to avoid the threat). Iron Man reveals that he had custom weapons built for each Avenger, weapons that he will dive into Uru. He then reveals to Odin his plan for himself, which is to jump into the fire with his bleeding edge armor that is used to coat Uru’s weapons. Iron Man does not hesitate and then decides to take the plunge so that Thor does not fall under the blows of the serpent and the earth does not disappear.

Iron Man Uru armor

At this time, the Uru armor was created, which combines the bleeding edge suit with the power of Thor’s hammer material. In Fractions Invincible Iron Man # 509, Salvador Larroca, Frank D’Armata, and Joe Caramagna of VC, Iron Man come out of the fire alive. With the help of Iron Man’s enchanted Uru armor, the Avengers manage to defeat the snake and his troops and save the world. Unfortunately, the armor didn’t last long after the fight as Odin removed the enchantment and Iron Man returned to his original armor. That said, it was truly epic to see Iron Man risk his own life to get armor made from the same materials as Mjolnir to save Thor and the earth.

Reinforced by the materials that went into Thor’s hammer, the Uru suit was arguably one of Iron Man’s strongest armor. Hopefully she will return to the Marvel Comics pages one day so fans can appreciate her true power. And if you’re looking to keep reading with a similar article, know that we previously introduced you to the 15 most iconic Iron Man armors.

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