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Iron Man’s final armor gives him this perfect superpower

As all Iron Man fans know, Tony Stark spends his time creating armor that just keeps getting better and more powerful. As he prepares to pass the Iron Man name on to a new generation of heroes, Stark has built the perfect final armor to battle and defeat his enemies.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Iron Man: The End comics.

This armor is revealed in the Iron Man: The End comics by David Michelinie, Bob Layton, Bernard Chang and Mike Cavallaro. In this comic, Tony Stark retires from Stark Universal after completing his ultimate project: the Big Jump, a space elevator. He learns that he is suffering from a disease that is causing him progressive nerve damage and will soon render him unable to wear Iron Man’s armor. Superhero’s enemies are coming to destroy his ultimate project. Back then, Tony Stark considered offering his costume to new heroes, but eventually decided to bequeath it to Nick Travis, one of his employees.

Ultimate armor with perfect power

Tony considers him his son who he never had. Travis declines the offer, but agrees to help him design a new Iron Man suit and test it based on his mentor’s condition. The duo will design armor made of nanoparticles that can float around the person and transform into versatile armor on mental command. This is the most advanced armor Tony Stark has ever produced.

When Ultra Dynamo arrives and attacks, Nick Travis left Tony, but he got the nanoparticle armor back. He decides to come back to help Stark and reveals an adaptation of that: by using the nanoparticles, she has the ability to absorb matter from other sources to repair damage done during a fight. Tony Stark’s latest armor can steal the weapons from Iron Man’s enemies, making the armor even more powerful. No matter what armor the villains use, Iron Man is able to crush them to dust and make the superhero’s armor even stronger.

After witnessing the courage of Nick Travis, Tony knows he can pass on his legacy with confidence and makes the decision to use his Big Jump to spend the rest of his life in space, where the spread of his nerve damage will subside. So we see a nice conclusion because with this nanoparticle armor it is the last armor of the first Iron Man and the very first of his heir.


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