Iron Man and Thor wage the stupidest war in the comic book universe


Iron Man and Thor have had disagreements in the past, but their feud in the 2020 Thor comic series is much … easier. Between a blow and a hammer blow, the two heroes are not ready to bury the ax – or rather the hammer – of war.

A thank you that goes wrong

The Thor series, directed by Donny Cates and Nic Klein, chronicles the adventures of the god of thunder as he grapples with the new pressures associated with his status as King of Asgard. While the duties of the Kings keep Thor preoccupied, that doesn’t prevent him from helping his Avengers friends from time to time. In the first issue, Thor throws his hammer on the ground from Asgard to defeat a monster that the Avengers faced. Mjolnir kills the beast in one fell swoop and Iron Man shows his gratitude by writing a Sharpie message on Thor’s hammer. A cheeky thank you message that will start Marvel’s stupidest war yet: leave the precious hammer untouched.

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In issue 7, Thor sends Mjolnir to Earth to do a little test – test that leads to the appearance of a brand new Thor! But this time he writes his own message on his hammer: Tony Stark’s personal number. Suffice it to say, the latter is far from pleased when his private information is revealed. Thor enjoys his victory and looks through the eyes of his crows as Tony furiously shakes his fist off the earth. But things won’t stop there.

A great story

In Issue 8, Thor comes to pick Mjolnir up, but without relying on Tony, who wants to do his own hammer tests to find out what’s going on and obviously hasn’t digested the joke. Thor refuses and Tony responds by hitting the god of thunder with his own hammer. A blow that hardly affects Thor, but that was not the intended purpose. If he returns his hammer to Thor and promises to keep the fact a secret that everyone can now grab the hammer so that no war breaks out, he does not intend to stop there. “Speaking of wars,” he says, “I wrote on your hammer, you gave my number. Now I have video footage of myself hitting you in the face with your own hammer. So take this big guy! Thor simply smiles and replies, “Challenge accepted.” That promises us a lot!