IRL Twitch streamer meets man with a mobile crematorium while hitchhiking through Japan

Trevor “Hitch” is an IRL streamer who just lately had fairly a novel expertise in Japan after assembly a person with a cellular crematorium at the back of his automotive.

Trevor has been making content material primarily based round hitchhiking since 2018 and has been livestreaming his travels on Twitch as he covers massive distances solely by taking rides in strangers’ vehicles.

Whereas doing the identical in Japan, the streamer was confronted with fairly a weird sight as the person who picked him up on his most up-to-date stream had a full-blown cremation chamber. Hitch was fairly perplexed with the contraption and was shocked to find out about its goal:

“What? Like, cremating pets?”

Hitchhiking streamer meets man with a crematorium who provides him a carry in a rushing automotive

By its nature, Hitchhiking could be a harmful enterprise, contemplating one is asking full strangers to provide them a carry. Nonetheless, the streamer is kind of an skilled on this and has been hitchhiking for the previous six years throughout 37 nations in keeping with his bio.

That mentioned, Hitch is doing his present streams in Japan. His final broadcast was fairly eventful, particularly due to the person who had a mini crematorium at the back of his van. The streamer had seen the item and after getting down to vary vehicles, the stranger opened up the again to indicate him the way it labored.

Hitch had no thought in regards to the contraption and was fairly inquisitive about it. Utilizing a translation software program on his smartphone, he requested the Japanese man what it precisely was. He posed:

“What is that this?”

Timestamp 5:18:05

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After opening a latch to the crematorium chamber, the person made an indication that signified prayer, hinting that there was a religious connection related to the item. When the streamer held out the telephone to translate what he was saying, he mentioned that it was for pets.

Hitch was fairly shocked and shocked into silence for a while earlier than turning to the digicam and stating:

“What? I did not know you could possibly put a type of in a van. Didn’t count on that.”

Nonetheless, that isn’t the place the interplay stops. The person with the crematorium helps him go additional alongside in his journey after taking out one other automotive. That car-ride was additionally fairly scary for the streamer as identified by Redditor Its_it, who famous that the person was driving at fairly excessive speeds.

The above clip additionally gained vital traction because the automotive jumped on account of bumps on the slender highway. Many within the chat and the streamer himself requested him to drive sluggish by stating that there shouldn’t be extra leaping:

“Jesus f*ck! Uh, okay sufficient leaping. No leaping.”

Reactions to the clips

Each the crematorium and the reckless driving clips have been shared on the streamer particular subreddit r/LivestreamFail, the place they accrued vital reactions. Listed here are a number of the methods folks described the interplay:

Hitch has been doing these hitchhiking streams for a few years and makes it a degree to attend the North American TwitchCons each time by taking lifts from strangers. This yr, he did the identical by hitchhiking for greater than 20 days earlier than reaching the San Diego TwitchCon in Canada.

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