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First lift the sanctions and then talk: the Iranian leadership is demanding that the US return to the nuclear future before Tehran fulfills its obligations in the treaty.

Tehran / Washington (dpa) – Iran has rejected an EU-proposed nuclear meeting with the US and other contracting parties to the 2015 Vienna nuclear agreement.

“The US must first return to the nuclear deal and lift the illegal sanctions against Iran (…) No negotiations are needed,” said State Department spokesman Said Chatibsadeh on Sunday evening. Iran will only recognize actions and then respond accordingly.

“We will return to our obligations as soon as the sanctions are lifted,” said Isna news agency spokesman. However, Tehran will continue to work with the EU’s foreign representative Josep Borrell, the three European countries, China and Russia.

The administration of the new US president Joe Biden said it was “disappointed” with the response from Tehran. A senior government representative said Sunday evening (local time) that they were still willing to engage in “sensible diplomacy” to achieve a mutual return to meeting the requirements of the Vienna nuclear accord.

Biden had expressed a desire to return to the nuclear deal left by the US under the rule of his predecessor Donald Trump. In return, the US is demanding that Iran abide by the agreement first. Iran, on the other hand, insists that the US only lift the harsh economic sanctions ex-President Trump has imposed on the country.

The leadership in Tehran last week restricted the access of inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency to the nuclear facilities in the country. Iran is also no longer meeting its obligations under the nuclear deal in other respects, for example with regard to the degree of uranium enrichment. Both points were core elements of the Vienna Accord to prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb.

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