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Iran: Murdered Nuclear Physicist Buried in Tehran | Free press

Tehran (dpa) – Iranian nuclear physicist and missile expert Mohsen Fachrisadeh, who was killed in an attack, was buried Monday in the capital, Tehran. The ceremony was broadcast live on state television. Due to the corona crisis, only relatives of the physicist and high-ranking generals were allowed to attend the funeral.

Fachrisadeh, 63, was shot dead in a suburb of Tehran on Friday. The perpetrators have not yet been identified, but Iranian leaders are blaming “local mercenaries” from the US and Israel for the attack.

“Our enemies know that no crime in Iran will go unanswered and unpunished,” Defense Minister Amir Hatami said in the funeral address. The “terrorists” should also know that it is an honor to be a martyr in Iran. The fatal attack will not stop the progress of the Iranian nuclear program, as Fachrisadeh’s path will be continued “even more consistently” by Iranian scientists.

The hardliners in the country are demanding revenge for the murder of the nuclear physicist. Your mouthpiece, the Kejhan newspaper, is even calling for a military attack on the Israeli port city of Haifa. However, President Hassan Ruhani warns against a drastic reaction, as this is exactly what the attackers wanted to do to provoke a new conflict with Iran.

Foreign Minister Mohammed Jawad Zarif also announced moderating words in a video interview published Monday by news portal Entechab. Iran wants to ease tensions with the US under the chairmanship of Joe Biden. “We don’t want to befriend, we just want to reduce unnecessary tension and hostility,” Sarif said. A rapprochement with the US after Biden took office is in the interests of the country and the people. Party political considerations should therefore not call this approach into question.

He knew Biden as a senator from his time as Iranian ambassador to the UN in New York (2002-2007) and had also met him in person. “Biden has been active in US foreign policy since the 1970s and knows it much better than (US President Donald) Trump,” Sarif said. He says there will also be distrust and differences between the two countries under Biden, but much less than under Trump.

Sarif and President Hassan Ruhani hope that Biden will lead the US back to the Vienna nuclear deal in 2015 and lift sanctions against Iran. Trump not only got out of the nuclear deal in 2018, but had also imposed draconian sanctions on the Islamic Republic. This triggered the oil-rich country’s worst economic crisis in the past two years. The corona pandemic of the past ten months has further exacerbated the crisis. The local currency, the rial, lost half its value.

Observers agree that only negotiations with the new US president can lead Iran out of this crisis. On Friday, however, there was a fatal attack on Iranian nuclear physicist Mohsen Fachrisadeh, for which Tehran blames “local mercenaries” from the US and Israel. The attack could create renewed tensions between Tehran and Washington and complicate negotiations with the Biden administration. Iran’s hardliners are calling for revenge and their mouthpiece, the Kejhan daily, even for a military attack on the Israeli port city of Haifa.


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