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Involvement of people with disabilities required | Free press

The pandemic also affects people with disabilities, of course. That is why several associations are now appealing to get them on board when making decisions about new corona measures.

Hildesheim (dpa) – The concerns of people with disabilities should receive more attention in the corona pandemic. Various associations are calling for this on the occasion of the International Day of People with Disabilities next Thursday (December 3).

Involve yourself in discussing and deciding on corona measures, for example in communal housing or workplaces, according to former federal health minister Ulla Schmidt, also chairman of the Lebenshilfe organization. “Political advice must always be taken into account,” stressed the SPD MP.

Neither facilities and services for the disabled and psychiatry, nor people with disabilities and mental illnesses are sufficiently taken into account in the relevant bills, complains the Caritas Association for the Disabled and Psychiatry.

Ulrich Stoebe, director of the Diakonie Himmelsthür, headquartered in Hildesheim, advocated vaccination against the corona virus for people with disabilities in living areas and their carers as a priority. “People with disabilities should not be left behind in the pandemic,” he said.


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