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Investigations against members of the state parliament for mask affairs | Free press

The mask affair is drawing wider and wider circles. Now there was also a raid on a member of the Bavarian state parliament.

Munich (dpa) – The mask affair is now also being investigated against a member of the Bavarian state parliament. The Public Prosecution Service of Munich therefore had an office in the Maximilianeum searched on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the investigating authority confirmed that in connection with the purchase of corona-protective masks by the public sector, Bavarian State Crime officials had searched ten properties in Munich and the Bavarian administrative district of Swabia.

“Further information cannot be provided at the moment,” said the prosecutor’s spokesman, Klaus Ruhland. The judicial spokesman also pointed to the presumption of innocence for the suspects in criminal investigations. The state parliament itself also confirmed the search for a representative’s office.

The public prosecutor’s office is investigating corruption against Georg Nüßlein, member of the Bundestag from the Swabian district of Günzburg, who has since left the CSU.

Nüßlein and two other suspects, both businessmen, were investigated, among other things, because of the initial suspicion of bribery and bribery of elected officials. According to Ruhland, the investigations have now been expanded to a total of five suspects, namely members of the state parliament and one other suspect.

Like Nüßlein, Bundestag member Nikolas Löbel also received a six-figure order from a mask shop. Löbel resigned from the CDU and returned his mandate in the Bundestag. The mask affair thus became a great burden for the union parties in the Bundestag.

In the Bavarian State Parliament, unlike the Bundestag, it is not necessary to immediately waive the immunity of a Member of Parliament if an investigation has to be opened. It is sufficient for the public prosecutor to inform the President of the Landtag, Ilse Aigner (CSU), about the proposed investigation against a Member of Parliament.

If the president does not object within 48 hours, the searches can begin. In such cases, the formal waiver of immunity can take place in the further course of the criminal proceedings. So far, no waiver of immunity has been requested in the current case, the state parliament said.

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