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Interstellar, Avatar, Star Wars… 25 Easter Eggs and Filming Mysteries You Probably Missed

We often appreciate a film for what it tells us, for its music, its characters or its visuals. But our appreciation for a work often shows in the details. Whether it’s Easter eggs or filming secrets, these details can make all the difference. So netizens like to share them on the MovieDetails subreddit. We have selected 25 of them for you!

#1 wall e

In the opening scene of Wall-E, we see wind turbines built on top of piles of rubble, proof that mankind realized its mistake too late.

#2 Jojo Rabbit

Little Jojo, 10 years old, has an imaginary friend in the person of the guide himself. Except that we quickly understand that he doesn’t know the real Hitler. The latter did not smoke and was a vegetarian, while the imaginary friend eats meat and smokes happily.

#3 Troy

Brad Pitt and Eric Bana made a pact during the film: they fought all their duels without a voice actor, but whoever injured the other had to compensate him. Brad Pitt would have paid $750 to Bana, who at least escaped financially unscathed.

#4 Avatars

The background of the American soldiers’ meeting room resembles the American flag.

Joker number 5

The mirror that Joaquin Phoenix stands in front of at the beginning of the film is reminiscent of the face of a well-known Joker superhero.

#6 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

The impression that Luke’s speeder is flying and not rolling comes not from a special effect but from mirrors placed on the sides to reflect the ground.

#7 Mulane

From the moment the characters find their village devastated, the musical scenes disappear to underscore the darker aspect of the events.

#8 Hercules

When the character of Hades calls out that we need to “relax” because “it’s only half-time,” the film is exactly halfway.

#9 Up / Cars 2

A lavish decor from Up (2009) seems to have been reused as in Cars 2 (2012).

#10 interstellar

Christopher Nolan planted 500 acres of corn so he didn’t have to use CGI.

#11 Baby Driver

Halloween character Michael Myers was scheduled to appear in a Baby Driver heist scene. The studio didn’t have the right to call the actor and ask if he could use similar masks. he said yes

#12 Freedmen

Robert de Niro really wanted to shoot with real tickets. The film crew therefore withdrew several thousand dollars, but no one was able to leave the location until all the money was collected.

#13 Pirates of the Caribbean

In the original trilogy, the three characters’ names refer to birds: “Sparrow” for Jack and “Swan” for Elizabeth. Will Turner refers to a famous 18th century ornithologist.

#14 American Psycho

Willem Dafoe acted out all of his scenes with the character of Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) in three different ways: as if he suspected him of being a murderer, as if he was sure of it, or as if he didn’t doubt it at all. All with the aim of mixing up the takes and making the viewer doubt.

#15 Terminators 2

Robert Patrick, the interpreter of the T-1000 robot, learned to shoot without batting an eyelid.

#16 Villain One: A Star Wars Story

The Rogue One director asked his actors to grow mustaches and added a retro-futuristic filter to give the film an “old-school” feel of the original trilogy.

#17 finds Nemo

The Gillfish is a Horned Zancle, a species known to take captivity particularly badly, which explains their constant persistence and escape plans.

#18 Mom, I missed the plane!

A little math: The kids who went on a trip were supposed to be 17 years old in total, but they ended up being 16 (Max “missed the plane”). Spread over two vans, so there should be 8 in one and 9 in the other. No one therefore noticed little Max’s absence as each group of 8 children probably thought that in the other van the 9 seats were occupied.

#19 looking for happiness

The Pursuit of Happyness is a movie based on a true story. At the end, Will Smith and his son meet a man in a suit. This is actually Chris Gardner, the man who inspired the feature film.

#20 The Incredible Hulk / Spider-Man: Homecoming

The one who plays one of Peter Parker’s teachers in the 2017 ‘Home’ saga played a student nine years earlier in ‘The Incredible Hulk’ (2008).

#21 in dispute

In Knives Out, then 84-year-old author and actress K. Callan played Harlan’s mother. However, the latter’s interpreter, Christopher Plummer, was six years her senior.

#22 Shrek

When Lord Farquaad looks at Princess Fiona through her magic mirror, he can’t help but hide his erection with his duvet.

#23 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

The scene where Theoden gets younger wasn’t done with CGI. Actor Bernard Hill had to repeat the same sequence four times, each time with different makeup that showed him younger and younger. The footage was then stitched together to create the final rendering seen in the film.

#24 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Nazi clothing in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade are not costumes but actual uniforms found in Eastern Europe.

#25 ET, the alien

A rarity in cinema, Steven Spielberg shot ET in chronological order to elicit the most natural emotion possible from these actors in the final sequences.

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