Instagram may add “Audio Tool” to Chat – Here’s the complete news!!

We know Instagram became a huge social media site because it made it easy for people to share photos and videos with each other. But it looks like even Twitter Spaces, Facebook Live Audio Rooms, and Clubhouse aren’t safe from the temptation of social audio tools, like Clubhouse and Clubhouse Audio Rooms.

It looks like more Instagram audio might be coming. A developer who reverses engineer’s apps to look for new features made an interesting find. You can already send voice notes through Instagram DMs.

On Saturday, Paluzzi shared a screenshot of Instagram Stories with a microphone icon in the field for story replies. Paluzzi said outright that Instagram is “working on the ability to reply to Stories with voice messages,” and he shared the screenshot. This comes a few months after he said that the Meta-owned site was working on a way to change the grid.

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There are still a lot of unknowns at this point. Developers sometimes plan for new features that don’t end up being used. It could also be that comparing this feature (if it does get added) to social audio like Spaces or Clubhouse isn’t the best way to think about it. If anything, it looks like Snapchat, because you can also voice message stories on that site.

It doesn’t matter if the new Story reply by audio feature comes out and looks a lot like Snapchat. It could still be a big hit with Instagram users because it adds a new, personal touch to the way Instagram Stories work. People don’t know more than what Paluzzi has found, so it’s not clear when this feature will be available on Instagram. We’ll keep an eye out for new things.