Instagram is adding seven new features to its Messaging

When you reply to a message or Direct Message (DM) on Instagram, you can keep browsing the app at the same time. Instagram is adding seven new messaging features. Here’s a quick look at all the new things that were added.

For the first time, people will be able to stay on their Feed and respond to messages without having to go to their inbox. In the past, when someone replied to one of their DMs, they had to go back and forth during their browsing session. “Easier and more convenient”: The company says the new feature makes it easier and more convenient to chat while on the app.

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If you want to share a post with your friends right away, you can tap and hold the share button. It will show you the names of your best friends quickly when you press and hold the “Share” button on any post. Instagram’s inbox will also show you who your friends are online and available to talk to. Some of you may have already seen this.

As soon as possible, Instagram will be able to use Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify with its service. A 30-second preview of the song you’re listening to will be able to be shared through these. Then, your friends will be able to listen to it right from the chat window as well.

Instagram, Instagram DM, Instagram Messaging, Instagram Message features, and new features for Instagram messages are all on Instagram. Add a new theme to group chats and let people add polls.

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There’s also a new way to send messages that don’t bother your friends at night or when they’re busy. You can do this by adding “@silent” to your message.

There’s also a new low-fi chat theme that will make your conversations feel more like they’re going to happen in person. Instagram is also adding the ability to make a poll in group chats, which is a good thing. The feature was already in Messenger, but now it’s coming to Instagram’s group chat as well.

People in certain countries can now use these new features on Instagram. Instagram says it plans to make them available across the world in the next few weeks.

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