Instagram apologizes to Almodóvar after censoring a poster with nipples

Instagram apologizes to Almodóvar after censoring a poster with nipples

The promotional image of the new film by the Spanish director has a nursing female breast. The social network said it was against “the rules of nudity”.

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On 12 August, Instagram publicly apologized after it had censored the poster for Pedro Almodóvar’s new film “Madres Paralelas”. The day before, Facebook (the company that owns this social network) told the Associated Press that the images had been removed because they showed a breastfeeding nipple, which violated the platform’s “rules against nudity”.

These images were shared for the first time on Monday 9 August in connection with the world premiere of the film, scheduled for September 1, on the occasion of the opening of the Venza International Film Festival, which runs until the 11th of the same month .

Although the images violate the platform’s rules of nudity, Instagram later said in a statement that there are “exceptions that allow nudity under certain circumstances, such as in artistic contexts.” The statement came on Thursday, August 12th after sparking a wave of indignation among many users who disagreed with the platform’s decision and who resorted to the movement’s hashtag “Free the Nippel”. “, In free translation).

Meanwhile, the poster images have been restored and the Spanish director thanked all who have made this possible with their support and “a little mind at the sight of a female breast.” They have the brains behind the algorithm that decides what is obscene and offensive and what is not, made them go back and let the poster circulate freely. ”The message can be read in full on his brother Agustín Almodóvar’s Twitter account.

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