Instagram added two chronological news feed options for users – Following and Favorites

Following and Favorites were announced by Instagram on Wednesday. They are both types of chronological news feeds for users on the service. These feed options will let users see the most recent posts from the accounts they follow on the platform, in the order they were made. Users will be able to quickly switch between their Favorites and Following feeds, as well as the default Home feed, which shows ranked posts and suggested posts in a non-chronological order, the service said. Find out more about the Favourites and Following feeds before you start.

Users who choose the “Following” feed will see posts from the accounts that they follow on Meta. These will be shown in chronological order, so users can see the most recent posts from their friends. Instagram’s default “Home” feed shows users ranked posts in a non-chronological order, based on things like how often users interact with other accounts, how active they are, and how much information there is about the post and the person who made it.

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Instagram users will also be able to see posts from specific accounts, like their best friends or their favorite creators, in a new Favourites feed. Up to 50 accounts that you follow will be able to be added to your “Favourites” list, which can be changed at a later date. When you add and remove people from your Favourites list, Instagram says that people will not be told. Instagram also said that when users go back to the Home feed, these accounts will be shown at the top.

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On the Home feed, users of Instagram can tap “Instagram” at the top left corner. Then, they can choose “Following” or “Favorite.” Users who click Favourites for the first time will be asked to add accounts to a list by tapping the Add Favourites button. By tapping on Following or Favorites at the top of the screen, users can go back to the ranked feed at any time. They can do this by tapping on the Home button.

A single stream of photos was the first thing Instagram had when it was launched in 2010. Even though more people joined the service, it became more difficult for people to see all the posts from people they follow, says the company. According to the company, users would miss 70% of all posts in their feed by 2016.

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