influential leaker cools all impatient fans


GTA V was released almost eight years ago. While the fans are getting impatient and waiting for the next opus to be released, we hear some very sad news …

Rockstar alumnus answers

Rockstar fans are wary of any information that may emerge from the development of the studio’s next title, GTA VI. As already explained, Grand Theft Auto V will celebrate its 8th anniversary in 2021. The good news is a well-known tidbit from the Rockstar universe that reveals this: GTA 6 will actually be released one day. The bad news: It’s too early to say when the title will be released.

The source is Yan2995. A former Rockstar Games studio insider. It is responsible for some of the most significant licensed game content leaks in recent years and has excelled for its reliability. Even though the developers have made it clear to him that he should calm down with the revelations of game-related content, he remains very influential. On Twitter, he spoke in an annoyed tweet.

Yes, GTA 6 is being developed.
No, it’s not coming soon.
No, I don’t know when it will be announced or released.
You can stop asking now.

January 2, 2021

“Yes, GTA 6 is in development
No, he’s not coming soon.
No, I don’t know when it will be announced or released.
You can stop asking now. “

Many impatient gamers would have gone so far as to harass the leaker on the social network Twitter. This caused him to put things in order to find peace. There were several years between the development of Red Dead Redemption II and its release. As expected by Rockstar, GTA VI won’t take long to release, at least in 2023.

As always, fans of the GTA universe can always fall back on the fifth edition, the online mode of which is very productive and full of weekly updates. But if it’s been eight years since we still play the same game, while there is something to complain about … In the meantime, for all the information we currently have about the game, please click on this link.