Induction Motor Market Research Insights 2020-2026- Baldor Electric Company, Emerson Electric Company Etc.

The induction motor is the motor which performs its functions on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The electromagnetic induction is the phenomenon in which the electromotive force induces across the electrical conductor when it is placed in a rotating magnetic field.The stator and rotor are the two essential parts of the motor. The stator is the stationary part which carries the overlapping windings. On the other hand, the rotor carries the main or field winding. The windings of the stator are equally displaced from each other by an angle of 120°.

Induction motors are basically known as AC electric motors. The rotor produces electric current to create torque which is obtained by electromagnetic induction by rotating the magnetic field by stator winding. Induction motors function at a high speed which is less than the rotating magnetic field speed. The rotating magnetic field helps the stator to create a movement in the rotor. It helps the stator to rotate the rotor.

There is a difference in the movement time of the rotator and the moving current within the stator. The rotor never extends its speed beyond the magnetic field speed. Therefore, the induction motor can be made without having the electric current to the rotor. Basically, the induction motor is the motor where current is induced in the rotor from the rotating magnetic field of the stator.

An Outlook on the market growth

The coarse physical structure of the motor is anticipated to be a major influencing factor for the growth of the induction motor market. Robust in nature, the induction motors are suitable to be operated inany climatic conditions. Moreover, the absence of slip rings and brushes in the motor induction eliminates the chances of sparks, which makes the operation safe even in the most explosive working conditions. In addition, induction motors are cost effective, highly reliable and needs a comparatively low maintenance. These are another factors propelling the growth of the global induction motor market in the projected period.

Recent Advances in the market

According to a recent report , the major players of the inductionmotor market includeSiemens AG, Baldor Electric Company, Emerson Electric Company,Kirloskar Electric Company, Schneider Electric SE, Regal Beloit Corporation, Marathon Electric, ABB Ltd.,and Regal Beloit Corporation among others.

These market players are adopting several strategies including new technology, new product launches, current technology upgradation, and merger and acquisition to gain the highest induction motor market size.

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