Indonesia becomes the ‘global center’ of the pandemic | free press


Indonesia is home to 270 million people, less than six percent of whom have been fully vaccinated to date. The Delta variant now ensures that the country becomes the center of the pandemic.

Jakarta (dpa) – The corona situation in Indonesia is coming to a head. On Wednesday, health authorities reported more than 54,000 new infections within 24 hours — more than at any time since the start of the pandemic.

A month ago, the number was less than 10,000. The Southeast Asian island nation is now “the global center” of the virus crisis, the “Jakarta Globe” newspaper reported. Indonesia has now even overtaken India, where numbers are declining and about 38,000 cases were confirmed on Wednesday.

The capital Jakarta on the main island of Java is particularly hard hit. At the beginning of July, the government had already imposed stricter measures on Java and the well-known tourist island of Bali and further tightened the access rules. So far, however, the measures have not yielded any results. The main reason is the spread of the highly contagious strain Delta, which authorities say is now responsible for 90 percent of all new infections.

In late June, the Red Cross warned of a health system collapse in the world’s fourth most populous country. 270 million people live in Indonesia. In total, more than 2.6 million corona cases have been confirmed so far. More than 69,000 people have died in connection with Covid-19. According to statistics from Our World in Data, less than six percent of the population has been fully vaccinated to date.