Incredible price for this 4K Compatible Lexar Pro 512GB microSD memory card


MicroSD memory cards are included in many devices these days. If you’re looking to expand the storage of your cell phone, action camera, or even your Nintendo Switch, we have the Lexar Pro 512 on sale right now! Go!

Lexar Pro: Super throughput and super robust

Not only is there Sandisk or Samsung in life, we have other equally robust brands with interesting transfer speeds like Lexar, which has a very interesting PRO range, and that good plan involves a 512GB Lexar microSD Profi.

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Thanks to its certifications (A2, V30, UHS-I) and a transmission speed of up to 100 MB / s (633x), the latter can film in Full HD, 3D and 4K.

In terms of its robustness, it can operate at temperatures between 0 and 70 degrees and can be stored in extreme conditions (-25 to 85 degrees).

The Lexar brand offers a 10-year guarantee on the card and one year on the adapter.

For compatibility reasons, note that you can use it on many devices:

SmartphoneTabletNintendo SwitchMiniPC (Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, …) Action / sports camera

In terms of price, the 512GB model was 91.51 euros, but it has just dropped to 59.99 euros, or 34% off! You can easily build it into the Motorola Moto G that we offered you before.

3 good reasons to crack

4K storage capacity and 3D compatible performance

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