In Toulouse, an escape game invites you to kill Emmanuel Macron

In recent years, the French have discovered a new fun activity with escape playrooms. In these locations, you are invited to work together as a team to solve puzzles and conduct investigations in order to get out of a room within a certain amount of time. If the activity is supposed to be fun near Toulouse, an escape game invites you to kill the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron.

In fact, it is the Arcane escape game in Toulouse that was developed by a young woman named Camille. In this scenario, Emmanuel Macron is kidnapped and the players must manage to find him using clues and other puzzles. So you go from room to room where there are several references to controversy about his five-year tenure. We can find Alexandre Benalla’s chest nodding to François Fillon, François de Rugy or political leaflets and markings on the walls, as reported by France Bleu Occitanie.

Three options offer one of killing the president

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If by then the scenario of the escape game is not more original, it will pose a problem in the last room. Indeed, the players are standing in front of a statue of the President with a puffy and bloody face.

And then the player has to choose from three scenarios: Free Emmanuel Macron, bring him to court or kill him. It is this last option that sparked the controversy.

According to the manager, the goal is to “make people think”

This option was added by the game’s creator, stating that it is “intended to be provocative and thought-provoking” and that under no circumstances is it used to “hurt the president.” However, she states that “the fact that she suggests killing him is more of a pleasant affair” and underlines “the sociological aspect”. For Camille, manager of the escape game and former yellow vest, the message is not “Manuap Manu and do something with the president”. In her opinion, it’s about “making irony with factual and factual things” that sometimes seem different to her.

If the scenario has been around for more than a year and has been played by thousands of players without any problems, the controversy has grown and the manager of the escape game faces threats of death and rape. In the face of this flood, she is considering changing the scenario to propose a simple sacking of the president instead.

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