In this series, Morgan Freeman tells how the most famous prison breakouts came about

In this series, Morgan Freeman tells how the most famous prison breakouts came about

Produced and presented by the actor, the eight episodes tell the historical escape from prisons like Alcatraz and Dannemora.

Double episodes can be seen every Saturday in January.

Prisons are supposed to keep criminals inside, but many of them have other plans and end up in escapes that at first glance seem impossible. With little to lose and so much to gain – like their long-awaited freedom – they define complex strategies and resort to all sorts of tricks at their disposal, from tricks and technical tactics to digging tunnels without worrying about it psychological manipulation is all about. These plans and escape routes are now being explored in Historical Escapes with Morgan Freeman, which opens January 8th at 10:15 pm on the History Channel.

This eight-part series, produced and presented by the award-winning actor, is broadcast in double dose every Saturday in January and describes “every step of the prisoner’s meticulous plan, from entry to exit to the intensive hunt for the person”. who followed “, describes the synopsis of the production. To do this, it uses dramatic reconstructions, a dynamic narrative and state-of-the-art visual effects.

On the 8th, you are invited to learn more about the plot by four men to escape from Alcatraz, one of the most famous prisons in the United States on an island off San Francisco. Three of them manage to get close to the waterline, but what happened to them after leaving the island remains a mystery. That same night, watch two inmates serving a life sentence use technical tricks and psychological manipulation to escape Dannemora.

El Chapo, one of the deadliest drug cartel leaders in modern history, and his daring escapes from maximum security prisons in Mexico are featured in one of the episodes shown on the 15th from Pittsburgh as he digs a tunnel under his colossal wall. All to come to the surface in the state of Texas and be taken back to prison.

On the 22nd, see Allied prisoners use all kinds of deception and technical tactics to dig a tunnel in a German POW camp. Almost all of them are caught, 50 are shot and only three are released. That same night, discover the famous Belfast Escape carried out by nearly 40 HM Maze prisoners for acts as members of the Irish Republican Army. Some were never seen again. Others were caught immediately (or years later).

The series ends on January 29th. In the final episodes, the protagonists are initially two desperate assassins who attempt a daring escape through the 12-meter-high roof of Elmira prison. Then James Earl Ray, the avowed murderer of Martin Luther King, is the central figure. One of the most daring feats was building a ladder out of tubing and jumping over the wall of the Brushy Mountain Range.

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