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In Shadow and Bone, Jessie Mei Li (Alina) made her choice between Mal and Darkling

The series Shadow and Bone: The Grisha Saga has just dethroned the film Love and Monsters on Netflix and was therefore promoted within just three days of broadcasting instead of series number 1 in France. If you’ve seen this series before, you definitely need to deviate from your little preference between Mal and Darkling. Now you know that you are not the only ones.

The Shadow and Bone series

The Shadow and Bone series tells the story of Alina, a cartographer who goes in search of the secrets of Ravka, a kingdom that has been cursed for millennia. The evil darkness, the “Ford”, cuts the land and continues to hide many secrets.

The series is a hit on the famous streaming platform and internet users have almost all taken sides against Mal or Darkling on the sentimental matter that seems to be woven within the series. If we don’t know at the moment whether or not a second season will be announced soon (even if everything suggests), the actress who plays Alina on screen, Jessie Mei Li – already formalizes his preferences for the future of the series.

The camp chosen by Jessie Mei Li (alina)

In an interview with our colleagues at Entertainment Tonight, Jessie Mei Li returned to what she expected from her character’s future relationship with Mal and Darkling:

Oh, 100% … I’ll say it: it must be bad. Their relationship is adorable and they are the same. They watch over each other. Kirigan, the Darkling, speaks to part of Alina very much. There’s a part of her that wants to be powerful and that can feel her connection and stuff. Personally, I expect someone to treat me well, and Mal treats Alina so well that he really, really, really loves her. I only want the best for my character. And right now it’s nasty.

The choice has been made for Jessie Mei Li! Ben Barnes, the actor who plays Darkling on the series, agrees too. There is little else than Archie Renaux, the actor who plays Mal on the screen and dreams of a dangerous love between Alina and Darkling. In the same interview, the actor actually explains:

She is young, she explores different things. So why not try to go on the dark side?

And you, have you already made your choice? We’ll let you answer the question both in our poll and in the comments section!


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