“In normal times, patients die differently” | Free press


High physical strain and psychological challenges: the daily work of intensive care nurse Ricardo Lange is characterized by many impressions. Impressions that should not let go of him for a long time.

Berlin / Potsdam (dpa) – An intensive care nurse who worked in Berlin clinics described the situation in the pandemic and criticized politics with terrifying and direct words.

“The intensive care units are full. There is no room for interpretation, ”said Ricardo Lange on Thursday in Berlin during a press conference with Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) and President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Lothar Wieler. The intensive care nurse, who says she is from Brandenburg and works for an employment agency, criticized the fact that the industry’s staff shortage had not been addressed years ago.

He described the high physical strain caused by the protective equipment, but also the psychological challenges: “In normal times, patients die differently,” said Lange. Family members could accompany the sick for a longer period of time. Now only one last visit to impending death is possible. The last photo that the dying saw are relatives in full protective gear, there is no physical contact.

Nurses then put the deceased in black plastic bags to protect against infection. “We’ll put it in and zip it up. Believe me when I tell you: it does something to you, “Tall Hendrik said. You don’t just do this a few times, you do it countless times. Better working conditions are more important to him than bonuses. Until now there is no conclusive concept to prevent overload and support the nursing staff.

He is aware of some operational blindness, the intensive care nurse said. “Of course I only see the difficult processes, I only see people who largely die from them.” But the reverse is also true, he emphasized: those who do not work in an intensive care unit or are affected in their private environment only see the slight progression and people who do not get sick. “That does not mean that there are no difficult courses.”

Spahn explained how Lange’s appearance came about: After a conversation between Spahn and the actor Jan-Josef Liefers about the controversial action #allesdichtmachen, the nurse pointed out that the situation in the intensive care units should also play a role. “Then I said today would be a good opportunity.”

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