In London, Sony achieved a stroke of genius for advertising its console


As in France, English families are preparing to take a place in their television cabinet for the launch of the PS5, which will take place in the country tomorrow. On this occasion, Sony came up with an innovative idea that seems to appeal to fans!

A successful wink

The accounts on social networks are unanimous, Sony has just achieved a stroke of genius … The Japanese company has just signed a partnership with the London Underground for a brand new creative campaign. The idea is to replace some of the city of London’s iconic “underground” signs with the buttons on a PlayStation console controller, namely: green triangle, purple square and blue cross while keeping the circle. Traditional red signage.

The result is convincing to say the least and creates real excitement on the web. To see the results of this partnership in real life, you have to go to Oxford Circus, where one of these signs is posted at each entrance to London Underground. As if that wasn’t enough, you know that one of them is just steps away from a Microsoft Store. This is the opportunity for Sony to show its nose at its longtime rival …

The collaboration even goes beyond that. Sony emblems appear to be on display in the bowels of the subway itself, where posters in the brand’s colors are scattered. In short, a real marketing coup from the Japanese manufacturer! Sony seems to be adding the package in its communications lately, and we wonder what giant Microsoft thinks of it …