In his living room he is running a Mario Kart Live race with 200 NES cartridges

Nintendo Switch lets you play Mario Kart in augmented reality using the free Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit software. The principle is simple: you have the gates everywhere in one environment and then Mario’s kart can be controlled from the console. Thanks to the on-board camera, you can watch the race on the Switch screen or on your TV. with circuits that come to life!

A 100% retro circuit with hundreds of NES cartridges

So you can rediscover your bedroom, kitchen and even your bathroom as if these rooms were real Nintendo game circles. There are even items to keep the lead of the race and of course the famous clams, bananas or mushrooms and item boxes to find out what they contain.

For example, the Youtube channel Blue Television Games had fun using this software from Nintendo to create a Mario Kart Live racetrack in a large living room, and no fewer than 200 NES game cartridges were used for the decor. to create a circuit that will undoubtedly appeal to retro lovers. The filmed race mixes videos from Mario’s on-board camera from Marios Kart to visualize the game’s animations, as well as footage from another camera to see the kart progressing through the cartridges, an NES console and even console classics Screens displayed.

Nevertheless, the landscape of the track is very beautiful and Nintendo could take inspiration from suggesting this theme for a future track for Mario Kart! We let you discover the video below.

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