In contrast to the Schein, there is Whedon in the Snyder Cut

The film Zack Snyder’s Justice League, released in March 2021, corrects the theatrical version released in 2017, which is considered one of the biggest failures of the DC Extented Universe. Almost a month after its release, Zack Snyder and his staff continue to provide anecdotes. Today we learn that a scene from the film contains traces of the passage by Joss Whedon, while Zack Snyder had confirmed his wish not to keep any of the theatrical version.

Justice League: Lois Lane’s surreal quote

Prior to the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the director of Watchmen and Batman v. Superman had announced his wish not to keep anything that was shot by Joss Whedon. One scene, however, bears the scars of the director’s passage from the first Avengers.

You may remember that surreal scene in the first version of Justice League. When Superman returns to his farm where Lois Lane and Martha are waiting for him, Lois, who is very absent in this version of the film, sees Clark Kent return from the dead for the first time. His first reaction is to say, “You smell good.”

That sentence was very strange and seemed irrelevant. Still, she almost stayed in the Snyder’s Cut! It was the editors of the two films, David Brenner, Dody Dorn and Carlos Castillón, who passed this information on to The Rough Cut Podcast. They declare that they mixed in the post-production without noticing that elements of vocals and videos from the “Josstice League” and Snyder’s Cut were used. It was Deborah Snyder, the producer, who realized it at the last moment.

“They smell good” ? Lois Lane shouldn’t say that! No matter how Clark Kent feels!

Fortunately, this sentence was finally overlooked in the Snyder’s cut. Now Lois Lane is no longer impressed by the smell of the love of her life, but by the fact that he can speak. Fun fact, Superman’s answer has been retained in both versions. The latter replies: “Wasn’t that the case before?” This is one of the few traces of Whedon’s wonderful humor that has remained in the film.

A scene that is all the more effective emotionally. The appearance of Martha then amplifies this emotional gain. It wasn’t necessary then to undermine everything with an embarrassed touch of humor. In the 2017 version, Clark also refused to enter the house because he didn’t want to be trapped in another wooden box and claimed to be itchy …

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