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In “Chapelwaite,” Adrien Brody returns to HBO in the usual record – as a tormented man

In “Chapelwaite,” Adrien Brody returns to HBO in the usual record – as a tormented man

It has ten episodes and is a Stephen King story set in the 19th century. The Boones are the protagonist family.

Adrien Brody is Charles Boone.

“Shining”, “Carrie”, “The Damned Shawshank”, “It”, “Misery”, “Waiting for a Miracle”, “Christine the Car Killer”, “The Dark Tower”, “Pet Sematary”, “The Stand “Or” Castle Rocks “. What do all these films and series have in common? All were created from Stephen King stories.

The 74-year-old American author began writing in the 1970s and has since published dozens of fantasy stories, countless short stories, and numerous non-fiction books. He is one of the living writers who sells the most books: in total, more than 350 million copies have been sold worldwide. Its influence on pop culture is so great and deep that it is difficult to calculate.

This Tuesday, October 26th, the latest adaptation of one of his short stories will debut on HBO Portugal. “Chapelwaite” is a ten-part production based on the short story “Jerusalem’s Lot”. It was included in the 1978 published short story collection “Night Shift”. There are currently five episodes available – the remaining five coming on November 3rd.

Adrien Brody is the protagonist of this narrative set in the 19th century. He plays Charles Boone, a man from a family with a mental illness who has spent much of his life on whaling ships. Charles has a wife and three children.

His wife died around 1850 – strangely enough, at the same time as one of his cousins. The result? Charles inherits the Chapelwaite estate in rural Maine (where Stephen King grew up).

The residence is near the town of Preacher’s Corners, home to a Puritan community that the Boone family fears – and hates too. This grudge was born with Charles’ ancestors, but affects him directly in the present. The community exudes hatred for its mestizo children and there is tension in the air that appears to be related to the dwindling mining community of Jerusalem’s Lot.

In addition, a disease is spreading in the small town: a mysterious condition leaves victims with anemia and enormous sensitivity to sunlight.

An aspiring writer named Rebecca will attempt to approach the Boone family to unravel their curse story. She gets a job as a governess on the estate and starts investigating from there. Little by little, the secrets that plague the Boons will be revealed.

“Chapelwaite” has been described by international critics as a slow burner – the pace is slow, but the tension builds up until the beat increases significantly and reaches its climax. The most highlighted negative aspects of the production have to do with the beginning development of some characters.

The cast of the series also includes Emily Hampshire, Jennifer Ens, Sirena Gulamgaus, Ian Ho, Hugh Thompson, Gord Rand, Genevieve DeGraves and Trina Corkum.

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