“Imunes”: The first Hollywood film about the pandemic is now running in Portugal


“Imunes”: The first Hollywood film about the pandemic is now running in Portugal

The story takes place in 2024, when the disease has already developed into Covid-2023 and the world is a complete dystopia.

Peter Stormare is a villain.

We all knew that sooner or later fictional works would emerge inspired by the pandemic we’ve all lived for a year and a half. The first Hollywood film to portray this situation was also the first to be recorded – in July 2020. The result will be released in Portuguese cinemas this Thursday, July 30th: It’s called “Imunes”.

It was mid-March 2020 when British filmmaker Adam Mason (a horror film specialist), like so many millions of other people around the world, was scared. The film he was about to make had just been suspended, locked up in his semi-detached Los Angeles house with his wife and three children, and the news from Britain, where the rest of the family lives, wasn’t encouraging either.

Your phone rang. On the other side was Simon Boyes, his usual collaborator with whom he usually writes the scripts. “He said what’s going to be horrible, but we should get together and make a movie like the good old days,” Mason told the Los Angeles Times.

Inspired by what they experienced, they began to think and write a story – which initially involved a monster. “The idea was that it would be a movie with a monster set during a lockdown where people thought they were closed because of a pandemic, but it was actually because of a monster. I tried to use the monster as a metaphor for the virus, ”said the filmmaker. The idea would even be to do something like “Codename: Cloverfield” using the found footage record (which simulates that lost images of these events have been found).

Then convinced the producers who joined the project (including the famous Michael Bay, responsible for the sagas of “Transformers”, “Armageddon” or “Pearl Harbor”), finally Adam Mason and Simon Boyes, to concentrate on what happened in real life. So they started a plan for a small, limited production that was recorded during the initial lockdown in Los Angeles – which helped set the stage for the story.

The action takes place in 2024. Covid-19 became Covid-23 – and the disease became much more deadly and dangerous. Half of the population have been fortunate enough to be immune and wear the coveted yellow bracelets that guarantee it. The other half has to be quarantined at home – and the death rate is very high. More than 100 million people have died.

Every day, those who are not immune have to take temperature tests. If they develop symptoms, they are effectively sent to concentration camps – where they die or, if they are lucky, survive and recover from the disease.

The general scenario is this, but the film focuses on a love story, in addition to other adventures that are out there. Nico Price (KJ Apa) is a vaccinated courier whose job it is to deliver local products to very wealthy people. She is in a virtual relationship with Sara Garcia (Sofia Carson), a young artist who lives closed with a grandmother’s home.

Bradley Whitford and Demi Moore play a wealthy couple who sell counterfeit immunity bracelets; Alexandra Daddario is a singer who only covers online; Craig Robinson plays Nico Price’s boss; Paul Walter Hauser is a war veteran with motor difficulties; and Peter Stormare plays a villainous character – he’s the head of the unit that manages the sanitary rules of the pandemic. All characters will crossbreed in some way at some point.

The film has been criticized by viewers and critics alike for demonizing the limitations of the pandemic and allegedly contributing to a climate of fear. The biggest compliment this production has been given is that it takes advantage of the empty city of Los Angeles.

There are several hyperbolized features of what we’ve been through in the past year and a half – a woman forcing her husband to burn his clothes when he gets home; an erotic scene with enormous protection between the two partners; the horror experience of waking up with a fever. It’s a dystopian reinterpretation of what could happen to our world after the pandemic began.

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