Impeachment proceedings against Cuomo announced | free press


After even US President Biden asked the governor of New York to resign, it is now happening at a rapid pace. An impeachment inquiry is underway.

New York (AP) – After an official investigation found New York Governor Andrew Cuomo guilty of sexually harassing several women, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives has announced a speedy impeachment trial.

“It has become more than clear to me that the governor has lost the confidence of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives and that he can no longer remain in office,” Democrat Carl Heastie said after meeting his colleagues. “Once we have the necessary documents and evidence from the Attorney General, we will act quickly and complete our impeachment inquiry as soon as possible.”

Earlier, an investigation led by New York Attorney General Letitia James found that Cuomo had sexually assaulted several women. These included unwanted touches, kisses, hugs and inappropriate comments. In addition, Cuomo created a “hostile work atmosphere” and a “climate of fear” for women.

Numerous politicians from both parties, including US President Joe Biden, then called for Cuomo’s resignation. Cuomo had again dismissed the allegations via a video message.