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Immediate discount of more than 50% on the speaker and screen connected to the Lenovo Smart Display

Google has upgraded its Nest speakers while introducing a model with a touchscreen and camera for even more functions. One of the partners of the web giant Lenovo has also developed a voice assistant of this type, the Smart Display 7.

Lenovo Smart Display 7: Google Assistant with screen

This model is rarely sold, but with the 2020 winter sale it is an opportunity to equip yourself. It has a 7 inch touch screen that can display a lot of information, such as: B. Your next appointments, commute time to work or even videos. In addition, it has a small camera for video calls through Google Duo, the American company’s flagship, available on Android.

The Lenovo Smart Display 7 establishes a WiFi connection via your internet box. However, it is also possible to pair it with your smartphone via bluetooth to stream music.

For the rest of the voice functions, the options are the same as for a speaker connected to the Google Assistant; H. Controlling other devices on your network, e.g. B. your TV and lighting.

On average, this device is displayed around 120 euros, but with sales it has fallen to 59.99 euros or more than 50% discount. And for gamers, we have Razer wireless headphones for your phone or tablet.

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More than just a speaker with a touchscreen More features Google Assistant is still powerful

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