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If you’ve pre-ordered your console from Micromania, you’ll need to be patient

Since this Thursday, November 19th, European gamers can finally get their hands on the new Sony console. Unless you pre-ordered it from Micromania. Indeed, the brand has announced that it is struggling to get the PS5 to its customers.

Covid-19 and carrier problems = late deliveries

Nevertheless, Micromania had taken the lead by the end of October to ensure on-time deliveries. But the Covid-19 was already there and with the redesign, the brand is forced to be late on delivery of certain pre-orders.

In fact, Micromania had asked anyone with a pre-order for the PS5 to prepay or confirm a shipping address to ensure everything worked properly on the day the Sony next-generation console was released.

Unfortunately, the store announced on its Twitter account yesterday that given a “complex health context and increasingly saturated freight forwarders”, some pre-orders for private customers could be “slightly delayed”. Customers who have pre-ordered from Micromania could therefore receive the new console “a few days” late.

To reassure customers, add in another tweet that the brand is doing everything in its power to resolve this issue:

See the original tweet

And above all, do not hesitate to read our regularly updated article to find out the stock levels in the various stores in order to be able to buy the PS5.


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