if your chastity belt is locked by a hacker

Last October, an attached chastity belt was attached because of its poor computer security. Several months later, several victims were identified. These unfortunate people, victims of a hacker’s setbacks, saw their chastity belts locked. To part with it, a ransom is required.

“Your penis is mine”

Like many other unusual stories, this last one was told by Vice. The American media reported in particular on the mishaps of Robert, one of the victims of the lot. Robert explains that he received a message from the hacker in question asking him to pay 0.02 Bitcoin (about 635 €) to unlock his device. Fortunately, the chastity belt was not used when the hacker locked it.

However, he can no longer control it and must pay the ransom to regain access to it. Another victim of the hack, known as RJ, shares her interaction with the hacker. “I was no longer the owner of the cage so I couldn’t access it as I wanted,” says RJ, who also asked for a ransom in exchange for unlocking the belt.

These incidents come after a data breach by the Chinese brand Qiui last October. So, based on his private information, the hacker decided to lock a number of chastity belts before contacting its owners, sometimes thanks to subtle messages: “Your cock is mine now” (“Your penis is mine now”). It remains to be seen whether more victims will be identified in the coming weeks.

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