If an overpowering arch was restored thanks to a breakdown, we explain how to get it

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, a Norse and mythological epic, took over the direction of England last November. The players embodied Eivor in search of conquest and brotherhood. The Isus are mainly there, whose language has recently been deciphered. A legendary bow from this people has just been discovered, so the opportunity for us to explain how to obtain it.

an overwhelmed arch

This baptized “Bow of Nodens” comes directly from the mythical Isus. As the story of this people continues to be told gradually through the various opus of the saga’s restart, players can restore the artifacts. The main peculiarity of this arch, however, is that it should not be accessible to players. To get your hands on it you’ll have to use a glitch, a solution that is still welcomed by the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla narrative director.

As JorRaptor, the YouTuber behind this discovery, explains, you have to go to Northumbria. When you arrive in this cold country, go to the place indicated in the screenshot below. A small lake with an island in the middle. A special island because there is an unbreakable rock. You will have to interact with this stone several times to finally get this coveted bow.

There you have to tap the stone several times and save the game before loading it. As long as the stone is not broken and the arc is not obtained, the process must be repeated. After a few tries, the Nodens arch should be in your inventory. The opportunity for you to test this particularly powerful weapon, the damage of which increases depending on the distance from your target. The further away you are, the more damage you do.

Perfect for stealth, but this bow is not intended to be obtained that way. Even so, no one has managed to uncover the “official” method, even if a gamer is close to detection, according to Darby McDevitt, storytelling director of Valhalla. The Bow of the Nodens isn’t the only weapon in the game’s files that isn’t officially available yet. As the videographer points out, an axis has also been discovered. Weapons that should eventually land officially through future additions.

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