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Idris Elba could finally replace Daniel Craig

A few months after the release of Dying Can Wait, the question of the identity of Daniel Craig’s successor in the role of James Bond is still unsolved. In a recent interview, the producers of the license mentioned the case of Idris Elba, who could well become the new Agent 007.

A serious candidate

Who will be the next James Bond? Long before Daniel Craig donned the mantle of biggest and coolest secret agent in No Time to Die, out September 2021 (and which you can read in our full review), fans were passionately debating who his successor would be. And everyone has their own little forecast based on what they want.

So some are hoping to see actors Tom Hardy (Peaky Blinders, Taboo), Henry Cavill (Man of Steel, The Witcher) or even Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders, The Wind Rises) as Agent 007’s interpreters. Another name is one of them the big fan favourite: that of the British Idris Elba, revealed by the series The Wire, David Simon’s great masterpiece for HBO and whose portrayal in the English crime series Luther demonstrated his immense talent and enormous charisma.

However, despite Idris Elba’s immense potential, the choice doesn’t seem to be unanimous among fans due to the color of his skin. Indeed, some see James Bond as a white, straight Englishman, while producers described him as a straight male from a Commonwealth country. In an interview with Deadline, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson discussed the possibility of Idris Elba playing Agent 007:

We know Idris, we’re friends, and he’s a wonderful actor. And you know, he’s under discussion.

In other words, despite the reluctance of some, the hypothesis that Idris Elba will become the new James Bond must be considered. However, the producers remind that they have not made a decision regarding the replacement of Daniel Craig at the moment. In fact, they explain in the same interview that they want to wait a little longer before making a decision.

Until we enjoy and reap the benefits of Daniel’s wonderful tenure [Craig, NDLR], we will not think or speak of anyone else.

Until then, the idea of ​​Idris Elba becoming the new James Bond could still catch on among fans. Of course, if you doubt the potential of the British actor, we advise you to watch the five seasons of the series Luther or the film The Suicide Squad directed by James Gunn, in which he brilliantly interprets Bloodsport, brilliant for his charisma and cool personality.

As we await the unveiling of the next James Bond, let us remember that Barbara Broccoli recently announced that the secret agent could not be a woman.


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