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Vienna (dpa) – At the end of the Ibiza inquiry commission in Austria, the co-deciding Greens sharply attacked the conservative ÖVP chancellor party.

It was revealed how the previous government of the ÖVP and the right-wing FPÖ were trying to “secretly, quietly and silently” rebuild the republic for the benefit of their friends, Green MP Nina Tomaselli said. Even if the committee’s work is now over, opposition parties can start investigations into other topics in the fall. “I think there’s still plenty to work on,” she said of the Wirecard scandal. The Austrian managers of the bankrupt financial services company maintained relations with politicians from FPÖ and ÖVP.

The Ibiza commission investigated the suspicion that the coalition ÖVP-FPÖ, which ruled from 2017 to 2019, was for sale. The investigation was set in motion by the Ibiza video published in 2019 that led to the alliance’s breach. In the video, Strache appeared vulnerable to corruption. He denies the allegations. The panel surveyed 120 people for more than a year, including millionaires and billionaires. In addition, 1.2 million pages of files were viewed. The final reports of the political groups will be written in the coming weeks. The official end of the commission is September 22.

Tense relationship coalition partners

The commission of inquiry had led to tensions between the Greens and Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s party. The ÖVP angered the eco-party by repeatedly questioning the work of the judiciary in the wake of the Ibiza scandal. Prosecutors are investigating Kurz, among other things, over possible false testimony.

The parties reached different conclusions on Thursday. On behalf of the Social Democratic SPÖ, MP Jan Krainer pointed out that the work of the committee was hampered in an unprecedented way by the ÖVP. Like the other opposition parties, the FPÖ sees a need for further parliamentary clarification.

The ÖVP emphasized that there has never been a connection between a law and a party donation. “The commission of inquiry was actually a subordinate commission,” said ÖVP member Andreas Hanger. “In terms of content, we see no gain in knowledge.”

The commission was extremely successful in its quest for an impermissible closeness between business and politics, Tomaselli said. You assume that a self-cleaning process has been initiated. “At the end of the commission, the republic will be a little bit cleaner,” said the Green politician.

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