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I saw the current interview and came to the conclusion: Oprah still has a lot to learn from Daniel Oliveira

I saw the current interview and came to the conclusion: Oprah still has a lot to learn from Daniel Oliveira

The humorist and chronicler Miguel Lambertini analyzes the controversial interview by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

It is the most talked about interview with Echoes around the world right now and it has finally arrived in Portugal. So I went to the intricacies of the internet to find the video and preview this exclusive video that the Portuguese will be able to watch on SIC this Sunday March 14th. The presenter hasn’t had such a media moment since the day Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch.

The Dukes of Sussex, Meghan and Harry, agreed to meet with the moderator and answer the questions without prior preparation or restrictions. Meghan addressed sensitive topics, did not shy away from questions (except for one), was shocked and cried. But little that leads me to believe that Oprah still has a lot to learn from Daniel Oliveira (the one who makes you cry).

If it had been in “High Definition”, Meghan would have cried for the first five minutes after she had already confessed to us: “I don’t like fish and chips, fake people and the English royal family in general” or like the Duchess to her. Called “the company”. With this friendly name – which reminds the dark society of the Sidney Pollack film of the same name – it is clear that the couple’s time in Windsor has not left the best memories.

Oprah first asks what level of knowledge Meghan had about the British royal family when she became engaged to Harry. “You were going to marry a member of the royal family, so you must have done some research on it, right?” The Duchess says no: “I did not do any research, I never looked online for anything about my husband.” I thought it was a little strange, but maybe on the second thought it was better that way. It is very likely that if Prince Harry had Googled, Meghan would have found these very cute pictures while he was disguised as a Nazi officer at a birthday party. Who never

Meghan preferred to gradually find out who that carrot she fell in love with was, and that was her approach to the real institution too. The American says that on the day she met Queen Isabel, she was not in the least prepared for the meeting and never imagined she would have to offer courtesies to the Queen in private. Meghan says she thought the Queen of England was just a celebrity like others she’d met, but quickly realized she was very different.

I even understand the weirdness for someone born in the United States, but if your friend’s grandmother’s face appears in the notes of more than ten countries in the world, it may be an indication that he isn’t exactly a celebrity none . Meghan said she had to learn all of the protocol herself, that no one taught her, and that she even had to decorate the national anthem with videos on YouTube alone. Now we know how Fábio Coentrão felt when he was called up for the national team.

Despite that initial impact, Meghan says she has the best relationship with the sovereign – after this interview, the verbal time may be “had” – and that the queen once shared her blanket with her to put her legs on. I found it loving and imagined the Queen, with a bowl of popcorn in her lap and the remote control in hand, suggesting shows that would be on Netflix: “Can we put this show based on me?” ” To which Meghan replied: “The ‘Crown’, Your Majesty?” and the queen, while she adjusted the blanket: “No! The ‘Outlander’ with the girl who is immortal ”.

One of the most serious subjects of the interview is the allegation of racism raised by elements of the royal family through comments about how dark little Archie’s skin would be when he was born. Oprah asked who made such racist comments, but Meghan declined to respond as it would be too harmful for the person concerned.

At that moment I thought Oprah was going to insist and ask what we were all thinking, “It was Harry’s supposedly pedophile uncle, Prince Edward, wasn’t it?” But the presenter controlled herself and resisted.

In the third part of the interview, Harry joined his wife and also shared some of his bitterness over the process of leaving the UK, also known as “Megxit”. Harry says he was saddened by the palace’s decision to overturn his privileges, namely monetary ones, but still, poor man, he managed to survive on the legacy his mother, Princess Diana, left him. This legacy, which does not seem enough to guarantee all the benefits that the prince has lost, namely access to private security. Harry brought up this topic so many times that I think he was hoping that by the end of the interview, Oprah would get up and start screaming, “You’re getting a bodyguard!” She is getting a bodyguard! Everyone gets a bodyguaaaaaaaaard! ”


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