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I, Georgina: The reality show about Georgina Rodríguez is now available to watch on Netflix

I, Georgina: The reality show about Georgina Rodríguez is now available to watch on Netflix

NiT spoke to Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, the protagonist of these six episodes. The story of how they met is told.

There are 6 episodes of 40 minutes each.

It’s called “Eu, Georgina” and it’s a six-episode reality show that revolves around the life of Georgina Rodríguez – model, influencer and girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo. The show premieres on Netflix this Thursday, January 27th, the day that marks the protagonist’s 28th anniversary.

“Netflix is ​​the premier entertainment service and it’s an honor to be selected to film a reality show,” Georgina Rodríguez told NiT. “Every moment that was filmed was very special and meaningful,” he adds.

The biggest challenge, he admits, was getting the program to reflect “what he wanted to convey”. We also asked Georgina Rodríguez how the recording weeks went. “Full of illusion, commitment and surrounded by wonderful professionals who made a great project like this possible.”

Georgina Rodríguez also said that Cristiano Ronaldo supported her in this project. “From the first moment they supported me and helped as much as possible.”

NiT also asked if there were any details of his private life that he would rather keep private on this show. “The episodes are limited and you have to choose what most represents you in the present, what you wanted to show the audience. There is no time to broadcast all life in its fullness.”

“Eu, Georgina” will tell some stories about Georgina Rodríguez’s journey, but it will mainly depict her daily life today. It promises to demonstrate what day-to-day life is like in Cristiano Ronaldo’s home, showcasing family dynamics and Georgina’s role as a businesswoman and influencer.

Georgina Rodríguez was born in Argentina in 1994 but grew up in Spain. She has been Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend since 2016 and they have one biological daughter together, Alana Martina, who is four years old. But Georgina Rodríguez is pregnant with twins right now. The reality show was filmed last year when Ronaldo was still a Juventus player and the family mostly lived in Turin, Italy.

The story of how the two met is told on the Netflix show. “At first I didn’t think it would be so strong that I would fall in love with her. I honestly didn’t expect it, but after a while I felt like she was the woman of my life,” Cristiano Ronaldo says on the reality show.

Georgina Rodríguez was working at the Gucci store in Madrid, the Spanish capital, when she met the Portuguese footballer. “The day I met Cristiano was a summer Thursday. I’m on my way to work as usual, arrive at Gucci, leave at 5pm and a colleague calls me: “Look, I’m on vacation, but listen – a customer is buying a couple of coats, so stay half an extra hour'”, account in production.

Of course, the client was Cristiano Ronaldo. “As I left the store, I saw a very handsome man, almost six feet tall, he was with a boy and some friends, and I froze. I started to feel butterflies in my stomach and I wondered what was happening to me. I didn’t even want to look at him, I was very shy,” she says.

Cristiano Ronaldo adds: “I walked in and Geo was there. At that moment it clicked. And there it stuck in my head. It is the purest of all truths.”

Georgina Rodríguez continues the story: “I started working with him at Gucci and one day he wrote me and asked if I would go to an event. When I got there he was very elegant, I remember how he was dressed.”

“We got talking little by little, it was quite natural,” explains the footballer. A few months later he invited her to dinner and the relationship developed. “On the way to the restaurant, our hands touched and it felt like they had been there so many times before. They looked familiar to me,” adds Georgina Rodríguez. “My heart was boom boom, boom boom.”

From then on his life began to change. On the show, Georgina recalls how she came to the Gucci store by bus and then Ronaldo picked her up in his Bugatti. After that, he started visiting the Portuguese star’s mansion.

“The first time I went to his house I got lost, it was so big. From an early age I was used to living in small apartments. It wasn’t until six months later that I found out where everything was [na casa de Ronaldo].” These and other stories are told in “I, Georgina”.

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