“I found love where I least expected it”: You can now order the new book by Fátima Lopes


“I found love where I least expected it”: You can now order the new book by Fátima Lopes

The TV presenter returns to write a novel that is now available. The official start is in Alentejo.

The presenter returns to the novels.

After leaving TVI and setting up an income channel on YouTube, TV presenter Fátima Lopes returns to literature with her new novel “I found love where I least expected it”. It will be available in bookshops this Tuesday, May 18th, but can now be ordered online in a signed version.

The official presentation is scheduled for June 5th at the Jardim Municipal de Mora in the Évora district, as the story takes place in Alentejo. The narrative follows Sofia, a 49-year-old childless woman who has lost her mother and grandmother. Her life has been shaped by a number of failed relationships and very career-focused.

Arrives at bookstores May 18th.

“Destination: Alentejo. When he arrives at his grandparents’ house and is now his, he stands in front of a rundown house that needs work. But Sofia doesn’t lower her arms. Rebuild it brick by brick as it rebuilds your life. Between various adventures and a range of inspiring characters crossing her path, Sofia learns the value of time, the here and now, mutual help, the importance of taking care of each other, friendship, liking ourselves “You can in read the summary of the novel.

“It will be there, between the fields as far as the eye can see, the glittering water of Alqueva and the beautiful starry sky, that Sofia will find true love. Most important of all: self-love. And another love that was always there where she least expected it, ”adds the description of the book, which has 256 pages.