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Hurry up, this Crucial BX500 SSD costs less than $ 30

Mechanical hard drives are outnumbered by SSDs. Today, if you are looking for an inexpensive SSD that an operating system and some software or games can be installed on, the Crucial BX500 is a must have.

Crucial BX500: A powerful SSD for the price of a USB stick

The Crucial BX500 is an SSD with Micron 3D NAND storage that makes it possible to be very affordable while getting good performance. With this model, the transfer rate is very interesting because, thanks to its SATA 6 Gbit / s interface, it can reach up to 540 MB / s when reading and up to 500 MB / s when writing. In terms of storage capacity, the BX500 we offer has 240 GB, which is very interesting for installing an operating system.

If you have a laptop PC, you know that this SSD is only 7mm thick so it can easily fit into the slot provided for it. However, you need to check for yourself that it is easy to access.

As for the price, it was $ 44.90, but it just dropped to $ 29.99, an immediate 33% discount. You need to know how to react before the supply runs out.

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Why are you being tempted?

Good reading and writing performance. Possibility of installation on a laptop PC. Very interesting price-performance ratio

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