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Hardly a day goes by without new horror reports of police brutality after the coup in Myanmar. The number of deaths continues to rise and now the situation threatens to get out of hand again.

Yangon (AP) – A large number of security forces surrounded hundreds of protesters in Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon (formerly: Rangoon).

The situation was threatening to escalate in Sanchaung district. Despite the curfew, thousands of people took to the streets in different parts of the city at night to call for the police and military to withdraw. In the Southeast Asian country, the army ousted elected head of government Aung San Suu Kyi from office in early February.

“We are now protesting at night because we want the police to let the young people go,” 25-year-old May Myat Thu told the German news agency. “Many districts in Yangon are participating. We will stay on the street until the situation is cleared up. Police had previously shot several people in several other cities on Monday.

The German embassy called on the emergency services to exercise restraint: “The embassy is very concerned about reports that many young people are detained in Sanchaung and other parts of Yangon. We urge security forces not to use force, arrest civilians and allow all protesters to return immediately and peacefully to their homes. The United Nations also called for “an immediate de-escalation.”

The prisoner aid organization AAPP reported that more than 60 people have died since the coup. Around 1850 he had been arrested, at least temporarily.

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