Hundreds of Kidnapped Schoolgirls Released in Nigeria | Free press

A few days ago, gunmen stormed a school in Yangebe, Nigeria, and abducted more than 300 children. Now most of them should be free again.

Lagos (AP) – Hundreds of kidnapped schoolgirls from the West African state of Nigeria have been released. “The girls have been released,” Zamfara Province Security Minister Abubakar Dauran told the German news agency on Tuesday.

Governor Bello Muhammad Matawalle had previously announced the release of 279 schoolgirls on Twitter’s short messaging service. Armed attackers stormed the Jangebe school in Zamfara on Friday and kidnapped 317 children, according to police. The background to the crime and the release are still unclear. Boko Haram and splinter groups have been terrorizing the people of Northern Nigeria for years.

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