Hugh Jackman wishes Ryan Reynolds a happy birthday in the best possible way


These two are in competition. It’s a bit like the one who trolls the other best. Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds played back trolling each other through intermediary videos. A story that has lasted since 2009.

Troll, poo and hideous sweater

Through their characters of Deadpool and Wolverine, Reynolds and Jackman love to use their humor to troll themselves. While the interpreter of Wolverine recorded a birthday video in 2018, Ryan Reynolds appears, disguised as Deadpool, singing. The video had 3 million views in two days.

That same year, Hugh Jackman takes revenge on actor Jake Gyllenhaal by selling a rather ridiculous sweater for the holiday season.

That summer, Hugh Jackman took a level up by starring with the director of Free Guy, in which Ryan Reynolds plays and in which he plays the role of a fake loser who works as a bank clerk and realizes that it is actually the supporting character in a video game.

Last August, Ryan Reynolds announced that he had found his Machiavellian plan to troll Hugh Jackman: the famous dog poop joke that was posted in a newspaper on the doorstep.

What is that @ShawnLevyDirect? Forgot to invite @VancityReynolds to your party? Buddy, your secret is safe with me. And … post.

July 27, 2021

Happy birthday buddy

Meanwhile, it was Ryan Reynolds’ birthday last Saturday, and Hugh Jackman was obviously having a good time. During a photo shoot, he reluctantly appears and wishes his buddy a happy birthday.

“It’s not easy … Happy Birthday Ryan. There it is! How many people have we had? People say I don’t like you, but it was only 15 people,” jokes Jackman.

Hugh used his Instagram Stories to wish Ryan a happy birthday in his very special way. ud83dude05 #hughjackman #ryanreynolds #thefeud #hbd

October 23, 2021

Hugh Jackman replies through this video to that of Reynolds a few days earlier on the occasion of the Wolverine’s interpreter’s birthday on October 12th.

How long will your little friendly argument last? The story doesn’t seem to want to stop as the two actors enjoy trolling each other. Especially since every posted video goes viral in a matter of hours.