Hugh Jackman wants to return to Wolverine and makes an unusual request to Ryan Reynolds


Since the very first Deadpool movie, Wolverine’s presence in a Bigmouth Mercenary film has been the subject of much fanatic fantasies. The interpreters of the two anti-heroes are just as enthusiastic about this idea and regularly restart it in the hope that the fox won’t give in in one day. This time around, Hugh Jackman is determined to get his cameo and has decided to use tricks to soften Ryan Reynolds.

An indestructible bromance

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s relationship is arguably one of the funniest in Hollywood. The two actors are constantly trolling each other and don’t hesitate to use their unusual friendship to promote their respective films and businesses.

It goes without saying that the two accomplices are dying to play side by side. And what better way to do that than in Deadpool 3?

A long battle for a cameo

It has to be said that the regenerative powers that the two characters share in common create a very fun little rivalry. This was not overlooked by Deadpool itself on the occasion of various jokes that were released during the films.

When licensing issues make the possibility of a cameo unlikely, Hugh Jackman doesn’t intend to give up such a good path! So, the actor found a particularly fun way to have his cameo in Deadpool 3.

The weight of the words, the shock of the fan base

To that end, the Australian actor went through a worthy representative of New York City law to get his message across:

Officer Dobkowski gives @VancityReynolds incredibly smart career advice. Sharing is caring.

May 1, 2021

In a video filmed by Hugh Jackman himself, we can hear the actor asking this police officer (obviously a comic fanatic) to repeat the suggestion he just made to him on camera. A particularly convincing monologue follows:

Hey ryan! You should take this guy (pointing to Hugh Jackman) with you in Deadpool 3. Even if it was a 10 minute cameo, that would be great! This movie would be so cool it would blow up the box office!

This adorable intervention is a fun low blow. In fact, it is common knowledge that Ryan Reynolds loves to please his fans. In addition to the frustration of not being able to play with his friend, it’s obvious that this video clip is likely a little squeaky for the Canadian actor.

Anyway, this is a fun and enthusiastic request that the latter should surely please.