How to use Snapchat’s New Lens to learn American Sign Language?

Snapchat said this week that it’s adding a new ASL Alphabet lens to encourage people to learn American Sign Language. The new AR lens will teach people how to fingerspell their names and learn the alphabet in ASL. The lens also has games that people can play to see how well they know ASL.

The social media company has teamed up with SignAll and is using its computer vision and machine learning technology to figure out what people are doing with their hands. They came up with the new ASL Alphabet lens with the help of a group of Snap employees who are deaf or hard of hearing.

We hope Lenses will not only change how we see the world but also make us feel closer to each other, the company said in a blog post about the news. For native signers, in a world where there is a lot of linguistic inequality, we think AR can help us change the way we talk. We are excited to learn more from our community as we work to make Snapchat better for everyone.

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The new lens is a more advanced version of the fingerspelling Lenses that Snapchat and SignAll made together last September. They were meant to help people learn how to communicate with sign language.

Some new AR lenses have been released by Snap in the last few years. The company even launched a $3.5 million fund to help Snapchat lens creators and developers who use its Lens Studio tool. People from more than 200 countries have made 2.5 million lenses and seen them more than 3.5 trillion times, the company said at its Lens Fest event last year.

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