How to use Custom Landmarker feature in Snapchat?

Custom Landmarkers give people who make AR apps the chance to connect Lenses to places they care about and tell more detailed stories about their communities through AR.

Snapchat made a special lens for Havmor, a popular ice cream company, to celebrate this new country. This was the first time Snapchat had made a lens for an Indian company.

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Custom Landmarkers is a new feature in Lens Studio that lets people make AR attractions out of local landmarks, like statues and storefronts. Landmarks are more than just buildings that are bigger than life or that are very well-known. They are places of different shapes and sizes that could be important to you, a group of friends, or the whole community.


They can choose where their Custom Landmarker Lens can be used, which gives them the chance to build hyper-local AR experiences that are relevant and contextual to the communities where they live.

The Havmor Paradise Custom Landmarker Lens is a good example of a lens that is very good. When Pradeepa Anandhi and Bharat Nagarajan came up with this idea, they worked with Snap official lens creator Bharat Nagarajan to make it come true.

First in India: It is Snapchat’s first-ever Custom Landmarker Lens. It has an interactive dancing cow, a Havmor ice-cream virtual banner on the outlet, and bigger-than-life ice-cream cones that you can move.

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