How to unlock Storytelling Method quest in Genshin Impact

How to unlock Storytelling Method quest in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)
How you can unlock Storytelling Methodology quest in Genshin Affect (Picture through miHoYo)

Storytelling Methodology is a World Quest that happens within the Inazuma area of Genshin Affect. Gamers should full it to earn repute rewards. Nevertheless, getting this quest is an arduous process as a result of it’s locked behind some Every day Commissions within the sport.

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This is a fast and straightforward information for gamers to unlock the Storytelling Methodology quest in Genshin Affect.

Quest chains that unlock Storytelling Methodology quest in Genshin Affect

Gamers have to finish a number of Every day Commissions appropriately within the sport, which ultimately helps them get the Storytelling Methodology quest within the quest menu.

These Every day Commissions are:

  • This Novel… Appears Acquainted?
  • This Novel… Appears Problematic?

Nevertheless, unlocking the 2 Every day Commissions talked about above requires gamers to finish one other fee known as “Is This Novel Wonderful?”.

‘Is This Novel Wonderful?’ is a Every day Fee that happens in Inazuma Metropolis. Gamers have to go to two NPCs named Shigeru and Junkichi. In direction of the top of the hunt, Junkichi asks the traveler:

Traveler, who do you suppose is correct, me or Shigeru?

There are two choices accessible at this stage, and each result in completely different outcomes:

  • Selecting Truly, Junkichi’s concept is not unhealthy… unlocks This Novel… Appears Problematic?
  • Selecting Truly, Shigeru sounds extra affordable… unlocks This Novel… Appears Acquainted?
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The Genshin Affect neighborhood has contrasting opinions on the hunt that lastly unlocks The Storytelling Methodology. Nearly all of gamers unlocked the hunt after finishing This Novel…Appears Acquainted?, however some have claimed that they received it after finishing the This Novel…Appears Problematic? fee.

The most well-liked and handy strategy to unlock the Storytelling Methodology appears to be finishing This Novel….Appears Acquainted fee the place gamers want to go to Shigeru and Junkichi but once more. Thereafter, Junkichi asks the traveler to gather three books and present him the right mild novel.

Gamers should give Junkichi Literature Membership (not the opposite two books), and this shall unlock Storytelling Methodology World Quest in Genshin Affect.

The Storytelling Methodology quest in Genshin Affect full walkthrough

Within the Storytelling Methodology quest, Junkichi asks the traveler to behave as the primary character in his story that revolves round a Ninja.

Gamers enter a particular area in the course of the quest, the place they should comply with the directions given by Junkichi. These embody silently avoiding the guards and breaking the bottom by plunging assaults.

After defeating all of the enemies, the ‘ninja’ is required to gather the intel that’s hidden behind a tree.


Finishing the area after which speaking to Junkichi finishes the Storytelling Methodology quest and unlocks the ‘Properly, At Least It Ended’ achievement as nicely. The achievement grants 5 Primogems to gamers.

As of now, the newest replace for Genshin Affect has arrived with a ton of recent content material, and gamers are busy finishing the newly launched story quests and occasions. Genshin Affect gamers can unlock quite a lot of quests to get free rewards and bonuses within the sport that may assist them rank up quicker within the sport. Newest updates deliver loads of new content material for gamers to expertise as nicely.

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