How to tame a Desmodus in ARK Fjordur

The traditional world of ARK Fjordur is crawling with a number of deadly creatures. Nonetheless, as soon as tamed, these creatures stay loyal to their masters for all times. The Desmodus is one such creature within the recreation.

This bat can normally be discovered inside explicit caves on the island. Though they’re Sanguivores, these creatures might be tamed passively. That mentioned, this is how one can successfully tame a Desmodus in ARK Fjordur.

The place to discover a Desmodus in ARK Fjordur?


There are a number of particular objects that gamers must refill on in the event that they wish to tame the Desmodus in ARK Fjordur. The very first requirement for taming a Desmodus is blood packs. Not like most animals on the island, the Desmodus is the one creature that may be tamed with a blood pack. Gamers must unlock the blood syringe engram to get a blood pack within the recreation after which craft it.

As soon as crafted, gamers should apply it to themselves and create round 150-200 blood packs. Though gamers may not require many blood packs to tame one creature, it does not harm to be secure within the recreation.

Gamers must refill on medical brews along with blood packs. As for the tames, gamers might want to have an animal like a T-Rex or a Giganotosaurus. These tames are required as a result of the caves inside which these animals might be discovered are plagued by different hostile creatures, and gamers should first remove them earlier than they’ll begin taming these creatures. Aside from this, gamers should usher in a mate-boosted pair of Moschops.

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Desmodus might be present in three particular areas on ARK Fjordur. The areas are as follows:

  • Waterfall Cave – 38.2 Latitude, 74.8 Longitude
  • Lava Cave – 90.8 Latitude, 77.7 Longitude
  • Crysta Island Cave – 49.7 Latitude, 13.8 Longitude

Generally, these caves are full of Onycs as properly. Gamers should first kill them so they do not intrude with the taming course of. As soon as they’ve finished that, they’ll begin the taming course of.

Gamers must place the blood packs within the final slot of their sizzling bar. If there is a lure, gamers will both should create a lure or they must lure the Desmodus they wish to tame right into a small confined house for simpler taming.


As soon as the Desmodus has been lured, gamers should drop the 2 Moschops they’ve introduced together with them. The taming course of will begin when Desmodus first picks up the participant. The creature will begin consuming the blood packs. As soon as they’ve consumed round 10-12 blood packs, the Desmodus will drop the participant and attempt to fly away. That is why the lure is important.

With the Desmodus restricted contained in the lure, gamers must run out and heal themselves. Gamers can eat a medical brew after which head again as soon as once more for the Desmodus to choose them up. However, each time the creature drops the participant, the taming effectivity will lower. This is the place the Moschops come into play.

The taming effectivity will increase when Desmodus drops the participant and picks up Moschops. Gamers must repeat the method till the creature is tamed.

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This concludes with this information on find out how to tame the Desmodus in ARK Fjordur. It is a very helpful tame within the recreation. Furthermore, that is additionally a sophisticated tame within the recreation. So gamers simply beginning on their adventures in ARK Fjordur should not go for this except they’ve gained some expertise navigating and taming animals within the recreation.

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