How to stop Fake Apple Text Messages?

If you get a notification on your iPhone, you don’t want to find out that it’s for a text message from an unknown number with a suspicious link in it. Unfortunately, robocalls have become a lot more common in the last year. People who don’t pay attention to these things can end up with things like malware infecting a computer or people getting their identities stolen or being bribed. If you are looking to stop fake Apple text messages, then you have clicked the rightmost page.

Apple users can, of course, delete spam texts from the iPhone’s Messages app and call it a day. But if it happens every day and on more than one occasion, a more effective solution may be needed. To make it more difficult to get rid of messages from people you don’t know, iPhone users can change some of the settings on their phones. Users can also use third-party apps to make sure their inboxes aren’t full of scam messages.

First, Apple users try to block text messages on their iPhones when they get annoying and unwelcome messages. This can be a long and time-consuming process for an already full inbox. A way to filter iMessage messages from people you don’t know can be found on the app. This not only turns off the constant notifications of scam texts but also makes it easy for users to review all scam texts at once.

Curious to know more? Keep on scrolling the page and find some sure-shot ways to get rid of the same.

What are Fake Messages or Robotexts?

When you get a Robotech instead of a spam text message, it’s sent to you by text message instead of by phone. Sometimes spammers and scammers use robotexts as part of a bigger plan to get you to give them your personal information so they can send you spam. A lot of these texts can lead to bigger cell phone bills and even malware on your phone.

Ways to Stop Fake Apple Text Messages

There are plenty of ways to stop fake Apple text messages. Some of them are mentioned here for the readers’ sake of convenience.

1. Filter Unknown Senders

One way to cut down on iPhone spam texts is to filter out messages from unknown senders. You can choose this option if you don’t want to see texts from people who aren’t on your contact list.

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To turn this switch on, follow the steps below.

  • First, we should say that this filter might also catch non-spam texts from Uber and Door Dash. It’s important to check the “Unknown Senders” tab in the Messages app a lot if you have this filter turned on.
  • Open the Settings app. Then, go to “Messages,” and click on it.
  • Turn on the “Filter Senders You Don’t Know” toggle.
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iphone spam filter

It’s sad that scam artists are taking advantage of the same technology that allows people from all over the world to communicate. It’s been a while, but scammers have sent more than 11.6 billion spam emails in March. The New York Times says this is a 30% rise from the previous month.

2. Block certain senders

There isn’t a way to make sure that spam texts don’t come through, but there are steps iPhone users can take to cut down on how often and how visible they are.

To stop spam texts from coming to your phone, block the number. If you do this, you won’t get spam texts from that number in the future.

Follow the steps below to do so.

  • Open the message from the person you want to block.
  • In the next step, tap on the number at the top of the message.
  • As soon as you do this, click “Info.”
  • When you’re done, click “Block this caller.” To do this, just click “Block Contact,” then.
    The number should no longer be able to send you texts.

3. Report spam or junk messages in Messages App

In Apple’s iMessage messaging service, you can report spam and junk messages that you don’t want to see.

ios15 iphone12 pro messages unknown sender

In some cases, Apple will show you a flag that says these messages might be junk or spam, and you can just tap that. Then, you can tap the Report Junk button, then Delete, and then Report Junk.

The person who sent the message is reported to Apple, and Apple then deletes the message from your phone.

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4. Get rid of calls from people who don’t know

If you don’t want calls from people who aren’t in your address book to come in, you can turn them off. Still, the calls will go through. Instead, they will go straight to voicemail. Phone calls from people you’ve texted before will be able to go through.

To turn on this feature,

  • Go to Settings > Phone
  • Turn the Silence Unknown Callers setting on.


That’s all about how to stop fake Apple text messages. In the end, make sure you don’t respond to any spam messages, even if they ask you to text “STOP,” “UNSUBSCRIBE,” or “NO” to be taken off their list.