How to play on Eichenwalde map in Overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2, Eichenwalde is a well-known metropolis with an enchanting historical past. The map is obtainable within the Hybrid mode and is about primarily in three areas: The City, The Fort Grounds, and The Fort Inside.

Eichenwalde City is legendary for one of the crucial well-known fights of the Omnic Disaster. Balderich von Adler (the chief of the Crusaders) and some of his finest warriors made a remaining stand right here in opposition to an oncoming automaton military. They have been ultimately killed within the ensuing battle attributable to being outnumbered and outgunned. Nonetheless, the German pressure was in a position to repel the Omnic assault and prevail due to their heroic efforts.

As a way to retrieve Balderich’s stays from their burial location on this map, the Attacking group should take management of the battering ram and accompany it to Eichenwalde Fort, whereas the opposite group tries to stop the maintain from being breached.

The three totally different places are distinct in their very own means, so groups should choose Heroes accordingly because the setting doesn’t favor each Hero.


The whole lot a participant must learn about Eichenwalde in Overwatch 2

Eichenwalde is a historic city in Overwatch 2. Gamers ought to spend a while attending to know the varied pathways and understanding the positions from which they are often attacked. The map additionally provides 19 heal packs that gamers ought to memorize the places of and make the most of of their favor.

The map’s edges and the bridge resulting in the fort doorways are each filled with traps. Gamers can make the most of Heroes which are able to pushing like Lucio, Orisa, Reinhardt, and Pharah to make use of those environmental hazards.

The map is famend for its many slim and tight passageways and the attacking group could discover it troublesome to push via as Eichenwalde provides wonderful defensive excessive terrain with tight angles. Gamers ought to make use of high-mobility characters like Genji, Sombra, and Winston to swiftly navigate via flanking routes and slim the space with very important enemy targets so as to get previous them.

Hanzo and Widowmaker are exceptionally highly effective decisions that each one groups ought to have in mind when enjoying protection on Overwatch 2’s Eichenwalde map. Sonic Arrow and Infra-Sight, which give the squad essential details about the opponent’s motion over the confined terrain of the sport, provide main benefits right here. Hanzo’s Final – Dragonstrike can also be extremely efficient on Eichenwalde since it could actually rapidly remove teams of enemies taking cowl behind the payload whereas masking the small passageways on the map.

Greatest Overwatch 2 group compositions in Eichenwalde

Winstone + Genji + Soldier 76 + Lucio + Ana

Best attacking Hero composition in Eichenwalde (Images via Blizzard Entertainment)
Greatest attacking Hero composition in Eichenwalde (Photographs through Blizzard Leisure)

The aforementioned composition is finest for attacking in Overwatch 2 with wonderful mobility, and gamers may have the power to flank enemies and use tight angles of their favor.

With the Leap Pack, Winston rapidly navigates round Eichenwalde, closing the hole with obligatory enemy targets and friendlies when wanted. A robust mixture of his Tesla Cannon and Barrier Projector additionally permits Winston to regulate the battlefield and provide cowl for his enemies whereas step by step sporting them down.

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Utilizing Cyber-Agility and Swift Strike, Genji rushes rapidly via flanking paths to remove snipers and different necessary enemy targets. He could safely slim the house in open sniper sightlines through the use of deflect.

When taking part in group fights round targets and within the cramped tunnels of Overwatch 2’s Eichenwalde, Ana can assist the group by therapeutic allies from a distance. She will be able to even assist the group offensively along with her Sleep Grime and Biotic Grenades.

Soldier 76 is one other nice selection for this map. His Dash capacity helps him swiftly change place and circumnavigate the map. He performs within the frontlines together with his Heavy Pulse Rifle and Helix Rockets.

Lucio helps the group with additional pace, and his Soundwave is helpful in inflicting enemies to fall. His therapeutic is especially necessary whereas pushing via the defending group.

Reinhardt + Sojourn + Hanzo + Baptiste + Brigitte

Best defending Hero composition in Eichenwalde (Images via Blizzard Entertainment)
Greatest defending Hero composition in Eichenwalde (Photographs through Blizzard Leisure)

This composition is finest within the defensive space in Overwatch 2. It has Heroes which are wonderful at placing down enemies and holding good defensive positions. The group performs finest in restricted passageways and excessive vantage factors that play to its strengths.

Reinhardt is finest in slim areas as he’s a melee-based Tank and might use Barrier Area to assist teammates mitigate injury. He can assault a number of enemies together with his Hearth Strikes, which work properly with the topography of the extent. He also can pressure opponents off the map together with his Costs.

Sojourn may be on the frontlines as her Disruptor Shot and Railgun are efficient at blocking choke spots and prolonged sightlines. She will be able to additionally instantly reposition herself along with her Energy Slide capacity.

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Hanzo in Overwatch 2 makes for an impressive goal for the opposing squad. He can use his Storm Bow to ship lethal charged headshots and his Sonic Arrow to disclose the opponent’s whereabouts by situating himself at one of many a number of lookout spots on the map.

Baptiste is great in protection as his group’s location is fortified by the Immortality subject and Amplification matrix, rising their capability to heal and deal injury. He’s additionally able to area-based therapeutic together with his Biotic Launcher and Regenerative Burst.

Brigitte can assist Reinhardt and Sojourn with Defend Bash and Whip Shot, which have wonderful defensive capabilities in opposition to diving groups. Then again, Rocket Flail and Encourage can help them when preventing in opposition to foes.

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