How to play off-meta Caitlyn support like T1 Keria in League of Legends season 13

League of Legends’ assist position has been an experimental space for numerous innovators in skilled play, significantly within the LCK. Gamers like Ryu “Keria” Min-seok, Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee, and Son “Lehends” Si-woo have a protracted historical past of making an attempt out off-meta champions, each on aggressive levels and in solo queues.

The present bot lane meta has been closely criticized for being far too stagnant, with Zeri/Yuumi and Heimerdinger/Ashe showing as the apparent lane picks.

Skilled League of Legends gamers everywhere in the world have been experimenting with each tactic that they’ll consider to counter first-pick viable bot lane combos. To combat Heimerdinger, BeryL has already constructed the Jhin assist, a tried-and-true alternative. Apparently, issues did not cease there.

Keria lately selected Caitlyn assist in an official League of Legends LCK match and emerged victorious with the champion in an effort to fully eradicate Zeri from the sport. Even though she’s a distinct segment alternative with a selected utility in thoughts, Caitlyn is a wonderfully playable assist choice if gamers perceive easy methods to play and construct her successfully.

Why decide Caytlin as a assist in League of Legends season 13

Caitlyn support can be a beast if built right and strategized well (Image via Riot Games - League of Legends)
Caitlyn assist could be a beast if constructed proper and strategized effectively (Picture through Riot Video games – League of Legends)

Paired with an ADC, Caitlyn could be a stable lane bully, which makes enjoying her as a League of Legends assist fairly efficient within the present meta. She has much more utility than most ADC champions, because of her vast auto assault vary, long-range pokes along with her Q (Piltover Peacemaker), and the CC from each her traps and her E (90 Caliber Web).

In that regard, the Sheriff of Piltover is kind of just like Ashe. Fortuitously, Caitlyn compensates for an absence of slows, imaginative and prescient management, and a world stun with some extraordinarily excessive burst harm and respectable lockdown.

The off-meta Caitlyn assist works finest when paired with an ADC who can lock down a goal and provides her sufficient time to set a entice beneath them, even supposing she already faces a variety of stress.

For this very motive, Keria partnered Caitlyn with Lee “Gumayushi” Min-hyung’s Varus. If Varus hits an opponent along with his ult Chain of Corruption, it’ll preserve them motionless for an prolonged time period, which is greater than sufficient time to arrange a entice. Along with the immense lane stress, there is not any League of Legends champion that is sturdy sufficient to face up to an all-in from this bot lane combo.

Therefore, it is at all times advantageous to choose Caitlyn alongside an ADC, as champions like Zeri and Yuumi are fairly weak to early stress due to her sturdy poke.

Caitlyn assist: Construct and runes in League of Legends

Caitlyn's support builds and runes (Screengrab via Riot Games)
Caitlyn’s assist builds and runes (Screengrab through Riot Video games)

One may surprise if Keria would select one thing like First Strike or Darkish Harvest to pair with a full harm/lethality construct, given how a lot poke and burst harm Caitlyn has. As an alternative of relying on a single massive burst of harm, Keria routinely opts for Hail of Blades to provide the champion some further assault velocity and extra common harm output.

Style of Blood gives additional therapeutic whereas poking within the lane and Zombie Ward is simple to stack as soon as Umbral Glaive is constructed. Sometimes, Keria makes use of Treasure Hunter as a result of successful the lane and snowballing the sport are the most important aims with this decide.

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Customary Inspiration Runes embrace Magical Footwear and Biscuit Supply. Footwear offers some necessary gold effectivity, given how arduous it may be to earn as a League of Legends assist. Biscuits are nice for mana maintain, but when one does not have points with mana, Future’s Market can be utilized as a substitute.

With assist Caitlyn, it is unlikely that you will attain a full-build fairly often. However, listed below are all the particular objects which might be important to her assist construct.

To begin with, selecting a Spectral Sickle as a assist merchandise is at all times the neatest transfer. For imaginative and prescient management, one ought to go proper into Umbral Glaive as rapidly as potential.

Support items for Caitlyn (Image via Riot Games - League of Legends)
Assist objects for Caitlyn (Picture through Riot Video games – League of Legends)

Past that, there’s an necessary alternative between Eclipse and Duskblade. If a lead is acquired within the laning part, Duskblade is implausible for snowballing, whereas Eclipse is a bit more adaptable and gives some resilience.

Being extra of a meme merchandise, Collector may be an attention-grabbing third choice. It has a base pen, a reasonably excessive base AD, and a passive that assists in getting kills and will increase gold earnings. Fringe of Night time and Youmuu’s Ghostblade are wonderful selections for lethality if the sport drags lengthy sufficient to farm much more League of Legends objects.

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