How to Pin Post in Instagram? Find about the IG’s new feature here!!

Thinking about how to pin post in Instagram? The app is currently testing a new feature that lets users show their grid posts to everyone who visits their profile, Meta says. Twitter and TikTok are also working on letting users put their best posts at the top of their profile grid.

Instagram is trying to do the same thing. As it is now, users can draw attention to the posts by sharing them on their Stories or by adding them to their Highlights. The new feature will be added to the grid posts.

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in three posts to the top of a user’s profile grid so that the most important pictures or announcements are shown. A Meta spokesperson also told TechCrunch about the new feature: “We’re testing a new feature that lets people put posts on their profile.” If the feature does roll out to all Instagram users, there’s no word yet when it will happen.

Since the feature is in beta type, there are only a few people who can use the feature right now. Twitter user Salman Memon gave us a glimpse of this feature. Instagram shows an option that says, “Pin to your profile.” This is another picture of three posts that have been pinned to the top right of a grid. This shows us which posts are most important.

Features like this one will be a big hit with users and will resolve your query that how to pin post in Instagram. They will be able to highlight specific parts of their profiles like their most popular posts or the best-performing posts, or they will be able to highlight the most popular images. In fact, Instagram has been working on this feature for a long time. The first tests were done in January this year, and the feature was made public then.

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Ads by Reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi first shared a glimpse of the feature in testing back in January. A month later, Paluzzi announced that only three posts could be pinned down at a time.

This isn’t the only thing Instagram is testing right now. There are a lot of other things, too. The social media platform is also trying to get rid of the “Recent” tab in the hashtags area. New: The relevant content can now be found under “Top” and “Reels.” This is what the company said on Twitter about the new changes.

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