How to Pause Elden Ring Without Mods?

A lot of games made by FromSoftware aren’t fun to play. It took nearly two weeks for everyone to think that Elden Ring was the same as everyone else. Even on PC, there’s a mod that adds a pause button at the cost of having to play offline. It turns out that there is a menu option that actually stops the game at any time.

Deep down in the menus, you might not even know that pressing the button pauses the game. How to find it:

  • Press start or ESC to start.
  • Go to any menu (like Equipment)
  • In this case, press the back button to show contextual choices.
  • Make sure you click the menu explanation button.

In the game, this option is meant to show you what each of Elden Ring’s menus does. YouTuber Iron Pineapple said that using the option will stop the game.

Even though this trick could come in handy when you need to answer a doorbell during a boss fight or go to the bathroom, it’s not the best way to stop the game. For one thing, getting to it takes a long four-step process that takes practice to do quickly. So there’s a good chance that FromSoftware will see this as an exploit that needs to be fixed in the next patch.

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For people who like to stop and don’t care about Elden Ring being able to play online, I think this mod is the best choice. It’s easy to set up and can be used a lot faster with a quick press of P, but you might get caught by FromSoftware’s supposed anti-cheat checks when you’re back on the internet.

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Before we leave, I’m used to finding a quiet place to stand. We’ll use the menu trick if we need to. The software might not want to stop people from using this potential flaw. Instead, they might want to stop being weird about pausing and just put it in the game. If only I could think that.

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